Last updated: 05 February 2017

I have created this page in order to share any knowledge or resources that I have acquired over the years.

Christian eBooks and Articles

Mediafire Repository

(All downloads at the above link were acquired as FREE PDFs from the websites below. If there is an issue of using these Free documents in this way, please privately message me on the “Contact Me” page with your work email [for legitimacy] and we can discuss the removal of said items. The link above is to be used only as a compilation and an easy-way-to-access the Free documents hosted at the websites below. Thank you.)

Desiring God
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS)
The Resurgence
Tim Challies
Burning Vapor

Christian Resources made by Me

The Gospel Story – A Word doc that I created that quickly but thoroughly explains the Gospel. This can be printed and handed out to people or put in benevolence packages to help others understand Jesus, sin, and the Gospel

Open vs. Closed-Handed Issues – A visual chart detailing the spectrum of open- and closed-handed issues, this chart is found in more detail in my post called “What is the difference between Catholic and Protestant?

Religion vs. The Gospel – A chart of the differences between religion and the Gospel

The Basics of the Christian Faith – A picture that shows the 4 parts of the Christian Timeline

God will… – A funny picture that describes attributes of God

Linux Stuff

8 Linux Desktop Environments
10 Linux Desktop Environments You’ve Probably Never Seen (more for Old-School Linux users)

Poll starting on 28 April 2012 of the most preferred Linux Desktop Environment
(Source:, Image edited for size)

Poll starting on 27 May 2014 of the most preferred Linux Desktop Environment
(Source:, Image edited for size)

Do this first in Linux Mint MATE
Adding Windows fonts to Linux
How to clean up Ubuntu

Linux Mint
Old Ubuntu Releases
Zorin OS

Universal USB Installer
YUMI Multiboot USB
Multisystem USB
Linux Live USB Creator


Recovery Software


Bitdefender Rescue CD
Comodo Rescue Disk
Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Hiren’s Boot CD
Offline NT Password and Registry Editor (Windows Password changer)
TAILS (Secure Live OS with private/anonymous Internet browsing)


Random Stuff

Sweet Tea Sugar Calculator

I was bored one day, so I decided to create an Excel formula to find out how much sugar per gallon of Sweet Tea equated with the sugar in a 12 fluid ounce can of soft drink. From personal experience, 1.5 cups per 1 Gallon of Sweet Tea is the perfect amount and also the minimum amount of sugar you need. In my honest opinion, any less than that and it won’t taste right and any more than 2 cups tastes way too sweet.


Slick Skin (Jap-Eng Char 18pt)

This is a VLC media player skin that can display both Japanese and English characters and is minimalist in design. I took the “iPhone Slick Skin” and redesigned the layout and font to accommodate these changes.